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Stephen Zivkovich

Stephen Zivkovich

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02/18/09 01:20 PM #1    

Daniel Mueller

I don't know any of the details surrounding Stephen's death, but he and I were friends in Herr Reimer's German classes sophomore and junior years, and he talked me into doing things I would never have done on my own, like calling ourselves Die Funf Dich Deutschmen (though there were only two of us) and singing a version of "Hotel California" he'd translated into German. Those who witnessed our performance have likely repressed the memory, but I've told the story again and again to friends, usually when I've had a little too much to drink.

Back then he asked to be called by his nickname 'Zorky'. Whether that moniker lasted beyond high school, I don't know. All I know is that I'm saddened by the news of his death some 27 years after the fact.

Daniel Mueller

03/14/09 11:50 PM #2    

Kurt von Schmidt-Pauli

I was fond of Steve and, like Dan, enjoyed our time together in Herr Reimer's class, in off-beat intramural athletic events and just spending time outside of class together. Steve was a terrific guy who saw the world as full of possibilities and opportunity. I recall seeing him delivering pizza one day after high school and we chatted for a couple of minutes. I was unaware of his passing but I feel privileged to have been his friend.


04/01/09 10:24 PM #3    

Ann Olmscheid

Zorky was my neighbor and his driveway was on Mirror Lakes Drive. He was in my cooking class with Mrs Olie (sp?). Miss ya buddy. Ann Olmscheid

05/12/09 04:51 PM #4    

Kathy LaMaster

Zorky and I had some crazy times in the languages area -- he was into German and I loved avoiding Spanish! We went to homecoming one year and had a great time dancing and laughing. He got me addicted to Gummy Bears & Toberlone ... wow .. we were so cutting edge back then! Steve was a great guy with a huge heart ...

06/10/09 09:59 PM #5    

Wendy Welch (Grim)

Steve died of cancer in 1995 at Christmas. He was married and had just adopted a little girl from South America. We had reconnected when I was in the travel business and helped he and his wife travel for the adoption. Steve still had his wonderful sense of humor while enduring his cancer treatment. I miss him greatly.

08/08/14 02:20 PM #6    

Jeff Bangs

I'm so sorry to hear that Steve is gone.  He was so positive and such a nice guy back in high school.  We weren't as close as he was with other people who have posted here, but he was always very kind to me as I was to him.  We lost touch, as I have with so many of my other classmates, but I'm still saddened to hear that he is gone.


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