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I wanted you to know that my brother Mark passed away this summer after a short illness. The official cause was Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic condition which caused his liver to not produce needed proteins properly. He became sick late '11, and by early spring '12 was in and out of hospitals. He finally succumbed to the illness this past July 22nd. 
Mark was always very proud of being a Cougar. His love of green and gold transferred to his college- Baylor University, his hockey teams- first the North Stars and then the Wild, and eventually he even became a Packer fan. To this day I believe it had to do more with the team colors than anything else, as he was raised a Viking. Mark loved radio and was involved in radio station management for many years. His final position prior to becoming ill was managing a station in Spooner Wisconsin. Another love that Mark had was cars. Many of his classmates recall the dozens of cars he owned over the years, from classic muscle cars to odd-ball European models. Besides the great memories we have, Mark left behind a wife, a Mom and Dad and a Brother. Mark was a great son, brother, husband and a really good friend to many of his classmates that he stayed in touch with over the years. He'll be missed...
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