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03/24/09 05:04 PM #7    

Brenda Peskin (Gowing)

It's Brenda, the alledgedly most musically minded, now a healthcare executive (how did that happen?!?!?!?) The blessing is I met my husband in musical theatre, so now I'm most musical hearted.

I echo the applause for Chris for pulling this all together!

04/13/09 07:29 AM #8    

Lori Lemieux

HI Everyone!

I hope all is good and a big thank you to Chris for her outstanding efforts on this website!
I know times are very tough right now but just want to mention by chance if anyone is looking...
My father passed away this past December and I will be listing his home on Gull Lake in Brainerd on May 15th.
If anyone has any interest please contact me before then and I will be happy to answer any ?'s...(Approx $650,000).

Look forward to seeing you in August!

Lori Lemieux Kornely

04/26/09 03:21 PM #9    

Lori Lemieux

HI to all again!

Inviting anyone to join me in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on Mother's Day on May 10th this year at the Mall of America!

This will be my 3rd year running as I am a 2 1/2 year survivor, would love some company to run the race!

Please let me know if you are coming out...8am Race Time.

Lori Lemieux Kornely

06/02/09 01:40 PM #10    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Chris - Thanks for posting the picture of Dear Mrs. Campbell, the school nurse. She was one spectacular lady! Many friendships were forged while sitting in her office as one of her aides. She died many years ago from cancer. There were quite a few former students playing tribute to her at the funeral. We can all aspire to be like her in our thoughts and actions.

06/04/09 12:05 AM #11    

Christine Canakes

She was a special lady for sure!

06/25/09 12:12 PM #12    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Would anyone care to explain the StayGreen photos? Obviously there is golf involved. Other details would be.... ???????

06/26/09 11:25 AM #13    

Christine Canakes

Stay green is a group of guys that have played a golf tournament since they were seniors. Each reunion they coordinate the tournament to tie into the reunion golf.

07/18/09 11:09 AM #14    

Stacy Howe (Bremner)

Really nice website and easy to navigate.
Wish I was attending the reunion this time. Have fun you guys!

07/28/09 01:11 PM #15    

Cathy Brown (Berggreen)

I really enjoyed the photos and especially the one of the outside of the school before our all night party. Does Edina still do this kind of thing after graduation? We are in the Atlanta area and I don't know of any schools that do this. I'm not sure I could really appreciate how cool that was when we graduated!

07/30/09 07:19 AM #16    

Lisa Sherman (Brill)

Hello Everyone- Looking forward to the reunion. Hope alot of people decide to show up! Can't wait to catch up, share stories and laugh alot. Lisa

07/31/09 03:51 PM #17    

Jim Haberkorn

Bunny's on Friday evening !!!! (Mitchell, Bring the Old Overholt!) Habby

08/11/09 12:30 AM #18    

Jeff Bolin

Reunion was so much fun. I think you all are wild, beautiful, and crazy...girls included!

08/11/09 05:27 PM #19    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Chris and reunion helpers - Thanks for putting on such a great bash! It was great to see everyone - and the nametags sure helped!!!!!!

08/12/09 02:39 PM #20    

Grace Heffernan (Cook)

I am in such terrible post reunion withdrawal "let down" god! What a great class we had....and we are so lucky that we still keep in touch! It is always so great for me to come home, because I do not very often anymore! Home is always home, no matter what! So sad to leave! Everyone looks great! Thanks CC for putting this all together! When's the next one??

08/27/09 02:17 PM #21    

Daniel Mueller

I second Jeff's response. I was one of the few who brought his significant other, and even she was impressed. Thanks to Christine and all the others who worked so hard on this event. If any of you find yourselves in Albuquerque for longer than it takes to fill your tank with gas, I hope you'll look me up.

05/13/10 01:56 PM #22    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Hello all -

Please keep Joan Sigurdson Wurdeman in your thoughts. Her husband Rick died last week from from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) complications.

08/11/10 03:14 PM #23    

Maren Gibson (Jecha)

Just thought I would let everyone know that Joan (Sigurdson) Wurdeman has had a second loss in her life this year.  Her mother died Aug. 9th.  This after her husband died earlier this year.  Please show your support for Joan at this time in her life.

02/27/13 07:51 PM #24    

Brenda Jo Moss (Bowling)

A combined reunion is fine with me.


07/05/13 10:39 PM #25    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Please pray for Dave Kaiser and his family. He has been missing for several days. According to his brother Danny Kaiser, Dave had just opened up a restaurant in Victor, Montana 2 days before dissapearing. Burglary is a possibility. Thanks to Lita Sims for bringing this situation to our attention.

07/22/13 04:48 PM #26    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Dave Kaiser has been found and is ok per his brother. Also, the word should have been robbery, not burglary... whoops.

08/04/14 11:42 AM #27    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Many thanks once again to Chris and helpers for engineering the 35th reunion. It looked like everyone had a GREAT time! After the 30th reunion, many of us re-connected via Facebook. The reunion was the catalyst for that process. This weekend we got a chance to all chat in person once more! Fabulous! Once again, the name tags were a great help. THANKS!

07/15/19 09:35 AM #28    

Jeff Bangs

This is a cool page!  It doesn't look like too many people know about it because no one has posted for five years or so, but still cool. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at the 40th.  I really appreciate all of the hard work that goes into putting these reunions together.  All is well in the "Bangs" world.  I live with my beautiful wife (the fetching Mrs. Bangs) and our English Bull Terrier, Dio, in Apple Valley,  We don't have any children or grandchildren, but tons of friends, most of whom we've met through my activity in the music business.  Life is good!

08/19/19 07:07 PM #29    

Lance Maanum

Hey Jeff, how the heck are you dude.... !   Sounds like you are doing very well, happy for ya dude...!   I am not much of an online guy, bin oudda touch for awhile... but trying to make the reunion and see ya..!!   Take care!, L   Lance

08/19/19 07:09 PM #30    

Lance Maanum

And yes, the whole site is awesome... Christine deserves mucho kuddos for this site!   Thanks Christine...!! 

09/16/19 01:43 PM #31    

Karen Morgan (Ammann)

Major kudos once again to the reunion crew! Once more, another spectacular bash was held. It was great to see everyone. Folks from around the world ventured back for this epic gathering. That in itself is evidence that these get-togethers are put together well. My husband came with, and even he had a great time!

Thanks again!

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